Letter to the Editor: Jessica James from Mobile, AL

When a true conservative wins, we all win. It is interesting to hear Attorney General candidate Troy King discuss the conservative things he “wants to do.” Only the present Attorney General, Steve Marshall, has a proven and conservative track record. Troy King had his chance when he was in office and was fired from the job by the people of Alabama in 2010.

Attorney General Marshall is aggressively and successfully going to court nationwide to protect religious freedom, to protect our gun rights, to erase the destructive regulations and executive orders of President Barack Obama. You don’t have to take my word for it – nearly every conservative organization has endorsed Marshall, instead of Marshall’s opponents. These include the NRA, the Alabama Citizens for Life, Manufacture Alabama, the Alabama Homebuilders Association, Business Council of Alabama, the National Republican Attorneys General Association, as well as many more. These organizations know who is actually going to continue this tremendous work with the conservative issues which directly affect our lives, our rights, and our freedoms, now and for future generations. It seems clear to me, if Steve Marshall wins as Attorney General, we all win.