Letter to the Editor: Chris Curry, former Shelby County Sheriff

On July 17th, Republican voters will decide on their candidate for Attorney General of the great State of Alabama. I hope you will join me at the polls in support of Steve Marshall, the best and most qualified candidate to lead us into the future.

I have known Steve for over 20 years and consider him a friend, both personally and professionally. During my career at the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, I knew him through his work as a District Attorney for Marshall County and was very pleased when he was appointed Attorney General of our State. His conservative beliefs, Christian values, consummate professionalism, and tremendous knowledge of the law are an asset to our State and insures that each and every citizen is protected.

Steve has worked tirelessly to protect victims of domestic violence and sexual predators and prosecute their offenders to the fullest extend of the law. He has worked diligently to bring offenders of drug crimes to justice and promote awareness of the effects of illegal drugs among communities. He has also worked alongside other Alabama leaders to protect our borders and prevent the creation of sanctuary cities in our State.

Steve has done an outstanding job for the citizens of Alabama on local, statewide, and national levels. He has fought for each and every one of us and will continue to do so as our Attorney General. Join me on July 17th and cast your vote for Steve Marshall.


Chris Curry
Shelby County Sheriff (Ret)

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