Letter to the Editor: John Samaniego, Shelby County Sheriff

I humbly ask for you, the citizens of Shelby County, to exercise your constitutional right to vote on July 17th, 2018, in the Republican Primary Run-off Election and help me support Attorney General Steve Marshall. I have known and worked with Steve for almost Twenty years and fin him to be a man of character and integrity with the conviction to do what is right, no matter the consequences.

As Chief Law Enforcement Official for the State of Alabama, the Attorney General needs to be a professional, have the knowledge necessary, and be dedicated to the rule of law. Steve has all of these attributes and many more. He has done a tremendous job during his tenure as District Attorney for Marshall County and most recently as our Attorney General. He has served the needs of all Alabamians statewide while developing personal relationships that are so important for a public servant.

Please join me at the polls on July 17th and support Steve Marshall for Attorney General.


John Samaniego, Sheriff
Shelby County, Alabama

View the letter here: Samaniego Letter of Support