Letter to the Editor: Tessie Steverson from Dothan, AL


As a survivor of domestic violence, I know how important it is for every person (male and female) to be able to live without violence or threats of violence and have a safe shelter to go to in their time of need.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, as the state’s chief law enforcement officer, has the highest confidence of law enforcement officers and fellow prosecutors across the state. As a board member for the House of Ruth, a non-profit organization against domestic violence and sexual assault, I can say that Marshall is the first attorney general to ever visit our shelter and support our values. Marshall took personal time to meet with victims individually and listen to their stories and heard the positive impact our shelter has had on these victims — providing safe shelter, protection from abuse, outreach services, and criminal justice advocacy.

With Marshall as our ally, perhaps one day “the culture of violence” will end. In my view, the future of our shelters and programs for individuals and families are in very good hands with Steve Marshall. He has proven with action that he cares about the welfare of Alabama and is perfectly positioned to be one of the best attorneys general our state has ever had.

Please stand with me and on behalf of domestic violence and sexual assault victims by supporting Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall in the July 17 runoff. We need him for the next four years.

Tessie Steverson

Board Member of The House of Ruth, Inc.