Cullman District Attorney C. Wilson Blaylock Endorses Steve Marshall

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Cullman District Attorney C. Wilson Blaylock Endorses Steve Marshall

The following ‘Letter-to-the-Editor’ was provided to Cullman Today by Cullman County District Attorney, C. Wilson Blaylock.

We print it here in its unedited entirety:

“I agree with the NRA, Alabama Citizens for Life, and the Alabama Farmers Federation: we need Steve Marshall to continue serving as our Attorney General. Despite the “fake news” being pushed by his opponent, Marshall is the true Pro-Trump conservative in the race for Attorney General. As the State’s chief law enforcement officer, Marshall is leading President Trump’s fight against the Opioid Epidemic and illegal immigration here in Alabama.

Steve Marshall has handled the tragedy of his wife’s passing and the false, misleading attacks from his opponent with grace. His character, integrity, and desire to deliver justice are unshakable. This is the same Steve Marshall that I have learned to know through our years of service as District Attorneys of Cullman and Marshall Counties.

Several years ago, Marshall was appointed as the special prosecutor in the trial of Robert Mays here in Cullman County. He was persistent in the prosecution of Mays, who had murdered his own mother in cold-blood. Today, Mays is still in prison because of the conviction that Marshall secured. Marshall has fought for Cullman in the past and we need him to continue fighting for us as Attorney General.

The NRA, pro-business and homebuilders’ groups, pro-life groups, organizations who strive to protect our constitutional rights – and so many others – endorsed Marshall and have rejected his opponent. This is no surprise as the voters of Alabama overwhelming rejected Troy King in 2010. That speaks volumes in who conservatives should have confidence in to be pro-active in the issues that affect all of our rights and safety. In my view, our future as a State is in very good hands with Steve Marshall.

I am proud to endorse Steve Marshall for Attorney General and I recommend my fellow Republicans to vote for Steve Marshall in the July 17thRunoff.”

C. Wilson Blaylock
District Attorney