(MONTGOMERY, AL) –  Steve Marshall issued the following statement after winning the Republican nomination for Attorney General: “Following this challenging primary, I am honored to have received the Republican nomination for Attorney General. This has been a difficult time for our family and I will be eternally grateful for the support that the people of Alabama have shown us over the last … Read More

Letter to the editor: Marshall is qualified

I write as your neighbor, friend and fellow Alabamian to encourage you to vote for Steve Marshall for attorney general. Rarely in Alabama does a candidate for statewide office stand out both in qualifications and character the way Marshall does. Ignore the campaign ads and political rhetoric. There is not a candidate on the ballot more deserving, qualified or experienced … Read More

Cullman District Attorney C. Wilson Blaylock Endorses Steve Marshall

Read the full story HERE. Cullman District Attorney C. Wilson Blaylock Endorses Steve Marshall The following ‘Letter-to-the-Editor’ was provided to Cullman Today by Cullman County District Attorney, C. Wilson Blaylock. We print it here in its unedited entirety: “I agree with the NRA, Alabama Citizens for Life, and the Alabama Farmers Federation: we need Steve Marshall to continue serving as our Attorney General. … Read More

Attorney General Steve Marshall Announces Statewide Republican DA Endorsements

(MONTGOMERY, AL) – The Marshall Campaign has rolled out endorsements of 25 Republican District Attorneys from around the state ahead of the July 17th run-off. Steve Marshall served as a prosecutor and DA in Marshall County for over 15 years before becoming Attorney General. Marshall is also a past president of the Alabama District Attorneys Association and served as the AL state representative to … Read More

Editorial From District Attorney Mike O’Dell

READ THE LETTER HERE. Dear Editor: The Office of Attorney General of Alabama is an extremely important position. The holder of that office must be a special person, equipped to serve the citizens of Alabama with honor and distinction. Being Attorney General means being keenly aware of both the power and discretion one possesses. It is a grave responsibility, and it … Read More

Letter to the Editor: Chris Curry, former Shelby County Sheriff

On July 17th, Republican voters will decide on their candidate for Attorney General of the great State of Alabama. I hope you will join me at the polls in support of Steve Marshall, the best and most qualified candidate to lead us into the future. I have known Steve for over 20 years and consider him a friend, both personally … Read More

Letter to the Editor: John Samaniego, Shelby County Sheriff

I humbly ask for you, the citizens of Shelby County, to exercise your constitutional right to vote on July 17th, 2018, in the Republican Primary Run-off Election and help me support Attorney General Steve Marshall. I have known and worked with Steve for almost Twenty years and fin him to be a man of character and integrity with the conviction … Read More

Letter to the Editor: Tessie Steverson from Dothan, AL

FULL ARTICLE HERE. As a survivor of domestic violence, I know how important it is for every person (male and female) to be able to live without violence or threats of violence and have a safe shelter to go to in their time of need. Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, as the state’s chief law enforcement officer, has the highest … Read More

Letter to the Editor: Jessica James from Mobile, AL

When a true conservative wins, we all win. It is interesting to hear Attorney General candidate Troy King discuss the conservative things he “wants to do.” Only the present Attorney General, Steve Marshall, has a proven and conservative track record. Troy King had his chance when he was in office and was fired from the job by the people of Alabama … Read More

AFA Endorses Attorney General Steve Marshall for July 17 Runoff Election

MONTGOMERY – ForestPAC, the political action committee of the Alabama Forestry Association, has endorsed Attorney General Steve Marshall for the July 17th runoff election for Attorney General. Marshall has served as Alabama’s Attorney General since incumbent AG Luther Strange was appointed to the unexpired term of U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, who is now the U.S Attorney General. “Steve Marshall’s track … Read More